Saturday, February 22, 2014


Ever had a day you felt out of place due to your outfit choice or just needed a second opinion on what you where to work today should? Well, I have a solution for you, FittingRoom.

FittingRoom is a social community that provides objective feedback on specific pieces of garments, outfits, and/or accessories in your closet. For example, you bought a gorgeous Glimmer Glamour Statement Necklace for Banana Republic and have no idea how or what to wear it with. FittingRoom just gives that slight push into the right direction. First, wear your Glimmer Glamour Statement Necklace with your favorite outfits and take a picture of yourself in each of them. Next, add a caption below in a form of a question underneath each photo, such as, ‘How does my Glimmer Glamour Statement Necklace look with this outfit?’ Now, you just sit back and wait for your feedback. 

Wild Chic Street Style